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My application :)

The Survey*

1. \\ Who am I ;; Names Danielle :P Im a sophmore at Winnetonka Highschool, and Im really into writing, and music.
2. \\ Gender ;; Im female :)
3. \\ Age ;; 15.. turning 16 in April
4. \\ Where am I from ;; Im from Kansas City, MO which is actually not a cow-town [as some people think] and it's got a lot of great people in it!
5. \\ Top 5 Bands ;; The Ataris, Evanscence, Early November, Starting Line, & MxPx
6. \\ Top 6 Movies ;; 28 Days Later, Girl Interrupted, Texas Chainsaw Massacure, Grease, & Dinosaur [Pixar movie I believe]
7. \\ Status ;; Singleeee & loving it ;)
8. \\ What's up ;; Mm nothing major going on in my life, fixing things with my [ex]bestfriend who's had a recent drug addiction, and just trying to keep myself/my friends happy ;D
9. \\ Personal Statement ;; I don't have one that I like WHIP out and say or whatever, but if I had a personal statement, it would be "Always follow your dreams" bc Im a true believer in that self-happiness thing, bc if you don't love yourself, you'll never succeed well as a true friend.
Peekshures:// Here they areeee! ;D

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