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1. Who are you?

..rachel...hey there

2. Boy are girl? no? (we can't tell sometimes)
..girls just wanna have fun and so do i...;0

3. Age?

4. Where are we from?
..i hail from Detroit Michigan ( u know the movie 8 Mile? i grew up on 15 Mile Road!) but now i'm in St. Louis MO- i go to wash u in st louis...

5. 5 Bands...

1. liz phair
2. evanescence cause her voice is just in my range
3. judy garland
4. indigo girls
5. frank sinatra

6. 6 movies...

1. LOTR- i love elijah
2. Eternal Sunshine- mark ruffalo and elijah- hotness
3. 13 Going on 30- just because i am in luv with Ruffalo
4. Team America- fuck yah!
5. Pirates of the Carribean- cuz johnny depp is the hottest thing alive
6. Bridget Jones- because i am so her and hugh is so sexxxy

7. 7 books....just kidding...

1. Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
2. The Odyssey
3. The Voyage Out
4. Vanity Fair
5. every girly girl wishes she was Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice
6. Antigone
7. Things Fall Apart

7. Single?

*and lookin ;)*

8. What's up?

well i have a paper tonight to write on Diana, the Roman Goddess. I am a classics student so that is always on my academic mind..more fun tho is my insane sex drive ;0 it is almost Friday and therefore I am ready to *party* i am looking forward to this Heaven Hell dance..should i be an angel or a devil, that is the only question

9. Personal Statement??

well i will prob be the only classics geek in the club if u let me in. but i dunno. i might be a hot geek. or just a geek. you tell me ;)

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